Museum of Archeology Trinidad

Museum of Archeology “Guamuhaya” Trinidad

Address: Calle Simón Bolívar # 457, Trinidad

Located in the former Casa de Padrón, the Museum of Archeology Guamuhaya was founded on May 15th 1976. It is conveniently situated at the very center of the historical core of the city. The building was erected at the end of the 18 th century and it displays a marked rococo style. Its main collections are based in objects that date back to the period going from the pre-Columbian epoch to the Spanish conquest. Some of these objects are considered unique in Cuba.

The exhibition includes an exposed human skeletal for research purposes, texts and illustrations that complement the information and enrich the understanding of the human body.

The Museum of Archeology “Guamuhaya” offers specialized information Colonial and Pre-Hispanic archeological advice, lectures, conferences, specialist visits, tours of the Valley of the refineries and the City of Trinidad. Exhibits are displayed in chronological order through 8 rooms within the building. Further artifacts are objects belonging to the aborigines living in the South Central Region of the island of Cuba during the pre-Columbus era, as well as material evidence of the Colonial period of the city of Trinidad and Valle de los Ingenios.

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