Church of the Holy Trinity Iglesia | Santisima Trinidad Cuba

Santisima Trinidad Cuba

The Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima stands above the Plaza Mayor to the north-east. The Holy Trinity Church of Trinidad was constructed began in the late 19th century and it was completed in 1892. It was constructed on the site of a preceding 17th century church that was devastated during the 19th century by a cyclone which also destroyed many other buildings in Trinidad’s center.

The Holy Trinity Church of Trinidad contains an 18th-century wooden statue of Christ called the “The Lord of the True Cross” “El Señor de la Vera Cruz” which is an object of special admiration in Trinidad. History has it that the originally statue was destined for a church in Veracruz in Mexico but the ship carrying the statue was hit by bad weather and had to turn back to Trinidad three times and was only able to make the voyage after leaving part of its cargo which included the now infamous statue of Christ on display at the church in Trinidad. This was considered as divine intervention by the people of Trinidad and the statue has been displayed in the church ever since.